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Dempsey Pro Services....  Who are we?  What sets us apart?  Why should you choose us?

Let's face it, when it comes to Heating, Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, Oil Delivery or really any service company, you have lots of options.  Some people rely on online reviews, others on word of mouth, others gather info from several companies and then choose while others go with whomever answers the call first.

In an effort to be more accessible and transparent, and to give current and potential customers a better picture of who we are, here's our story:
We started in 1992 as an oil delivery company that employed family and friends trained in oil delivery and in HVAC services.  After several years providing these services, the business was passed on to the next generation of Dempsey.  This move created new opportunities such as adding licensed refrigeration service to customers.

With change came growth.  With growth came learning.  Dempsey Pro Services started experiencing growth in service calls that showed promise for big things to come.  Unfortunately, as can happen, this growth lead to communication issues with a small group of customers and we didn't meet our standards for customer service.  In efforts to keep up with calls we did not screen technicians as thoroughly as we should have.  This lead to lower field standards and in short time lead to confused customers that had previously grown familiar with our decades of exceptional service.  It was unfortunate and we apologize to all effected during this process.

In the past several months we have been doing all we can to make good on things that went bad.  We have reflected on these incidents and decided to use it as a learning experience to make us the best possible company we can be.  We have improved communications and streamlined staff to only the most trusted and reliable.  But most of all, we will not stop evaluating ourselves to ensure we do not lose site of our goal to provide customers with the personal, quality, reliable and affordable services you have have come to know.

If we are fortunate enough to have you as a customer, we will treat you like you should be treated...as a partner in ensuring your property is cared for properly.  We will work with you to meet your needs and requirements.  We will not stop trying harder for you and doing all we can to foster this partnership.

Help us become a better company!  Review us!
Good, bad and anything in between...let us know what you think of us at ServMatch.  We have a profile that allows you to rate and review us to the public for free.  It also allows us to publicly respond so we can be completely visible on measures we're taking to be better every day.

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Customer Testimonials

Every company should be this way

Outstanding service and awesome AC.  We wanted AC in our house but we weren't sure which system was best.  We were asked questions about how we would use it and turns out a ductless system made the most sense to keep us cool and to save on our electric bill. WELL WORTH THE INVESTMENT!

Bob Calabro

Full service Pros!

We've been using Demspey Pro Services to take care of our restaurant for years.  They deliver our oil, installed and maintain our heating and air conditioning and service our refrigeration units.  If they could wait tables, we would have a full service staff just from them!

Ben Ivey

Lowered my bills

I own and manage several properties and needed to save cost on heating and cooling rentals.  Demspey Pro Services reviewed our setup in each property and gave us a review.  Over time we implemented repairs and upgrades through them.  The result is thousands of dollars in savings every year!  The whole process will pay for itself in no time.


Heating Oil

My mother is on fixed budget and needed assistance with her heating oil.  I live out of state and contacted Demspey Pro Services to see if they could help.  Not only did they provide the best price, but they help my mother with federal and state services and rebates to save in energy loss.  So now she's not only paying less for oil but using less as well.  Huge thanks!

Kelly Connors

Loving our ductless

I wasn't sure ductless was for us but in a day we had the new system installed and we were beating the heat.  The kids love the rapid cooler feature and I even like that on days where it's not so hot, we can use it to remove humidity.


Oil to Gas Conversion

I have nothing but nice things to say about Dempsey Pro Services. I had them for oil delivery for years and recently my husband wanted to convert to gas. The pro they sent out was very helpful and not only did the work but helped us understand rebates.


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